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gu●nned foreign■ rivals to■ lead the global ●5G System Ar●chitecture○ project, which will○ determine 5G n◆etworks' struc○ture.The nation■ also establi〓shed the world〓's largest ■5G

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test field i■n Beijing's Hu◆airou district, ●where domestic f●irms and a string of〓 foreign te●ch companies ●are partici○pating in China○'s third pha◆se of 5G tests.Chi〓na lagged behi

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nd ●other countries in b〓uilding 4G and 3G n○etworks. But w○ith 5G, it is raci◆ng ahead in r◆esearch and developm■ent, as well a●s trial appl○ications, s●aid Wang Zhiqin, v■ice-presid

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